No Portrait in the Gilded Frame

"There were waves of emotions I felt"

An intelligent and captivating story about the emotional journeys we undertake and the corners of the heart we end up calling home, No Portrait in the Gilded Frame takes readers from Romania behind the Iron Curtain to the cosmopolitan cities of Israel and the lavish lifestyles of wealthy Southern California.

Centered around the life of Miriam Sommer, a gifted Romanian Jewish painter, the story opens in 1950s Romania and follows her as she experiences her first love, her first encounters with anti-Semitism, and her first betrayal at the hands of a lover.

Escaping heartbreak and searching for inspiration in new places, Miriam travels to Israel, where she meets immigrants and Israelis alike, learns to fend for herself, and starts new and complex relationships.

Her path from the wild girl in a backwater Romanian town to becoming a strong and willful woman fighting for her rights, takes the reader across decades and continents. With rich detail and finely crafted characters, No Portrait in the Gilded Frame is a story of exceptional emotional depth and beauty that will delight fans of literary fiction.

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